Remedia's Bach Flowers

Remedia’s Organic Bach Flowers are made with plants either collected in wild and pristine locations of Italy and Austria, or organically grown at Remedia’s garden.

Since 1992, our remedies are prepared by the expert hands of Lucilla and Hubert, who also devote themselves to the research and dissemination of the Flowers messages.

Bach Flowers help to balance negative psycho-emotional states and improve wellness and health. They provide humans and animals with messages and vibrations of flowers and therefore they must be prepared with great care from flowers with a particular energy, following Bach's directions.

That is what Lucilla and Hubert always do. In wide places far away from contamination and with a good energy, they select plants with excellent vigor and collect the flowers with devotion and gratitude. They drop the flowers into a glass bowl containing vitalized spring water in which the flowers are exposed to the sun light for 3-4 hours or boiled.

The water infusion is then separated from the flowers and a same amount of organic grappa (an Italian brandy) is added to ensure its conservation. This infusion is called “mother tincture”.

The ideal concentration of the remedy, however, is a dose, which is a 1:240 dilution of the mother tincture. This guarantees a fast and effective action, without disturbing the delicate emotional balance of the patient.

What makes Remedia's Bach Flowers unique:

  • 100% organic certified

  • flowers collected in pristine sites with highly positive energy

  • vitalized spring water and organic grappa

  • dark violet glass bottles for a long and optimal energetic conservation

  • all processing phases are done by hand

  • total and faithful adherence to Edward Bach original method