About Remedia

Remedia is an agricultural company devoted to the cultivation and processing of medicinal plants with the highest quality standards. On a very suitable, pristine and sunny position on the hilltops of the Apennine Mountains, central Italy, we grow 10 ha of medicinal herbs according to the bioenergetic method that we developed. These plants are harvested by hand and immediately transformed into remedies for health, wellness and beauty (of people, animals, plants and the environment), working in harmony with Nature.

Our aim is to prepare highly energetic, extremely effective natural remedies.

We attach great importance to sustainability, human dignity, social justice, fair trade and transparency: these values are therefore supported in all areas of our work.

Today Remedia is among the most appreciated herbal companies, known for the high quality of its organic herbal remedies and for its sustainable method of farming and processing.

We can offer an extensive range of over 1000 preparations, including:

  • herbal remedies: tinctures, glycerine macerates of fresh buds, oil extracts, honey extracts, essential oils, aromatic waters, Bach Flowers, other floral remedies and the Spirit of Trees, a new herbal remedy exclusive from Remedia

  • natural cosmetics: face and body creams, detergents, oils, shampoos, hair conditioners, etc.

  • dry herbs for culinary use: infusions, erbespezie (blends of herbs and spices), herbal salts

While investing in research and constant experimentation, Remedia seeks also to maintain the primary plants strength and message. It does it by...

... bioenergetics and organic farming, employing only compost or macerated herbs as fertilizers, and only herbal extracts or positive vibrations for defense;

... collecting herbs (either spontaneous or grown) by hand and at the peak of their vital strength according to planetary hours;

... transforming herbs instantly after harvest, following herbal methods to keep vital properties unchanged;

... working by hand, from cultivation to packaging;

... processing plants employing vitalized spring water and only organic alcohol, grappa and glycerin;

... employing solar energy for processing stages and for rooms and water heating;

... not neglecting packaging, i.e. adopting dark violet glass bottles for a better conservation and to preserve energetic properties unchanged;

... promoting its beliefs also through book editing, ideas dissemination and cultural events;

... selling, as much as possible, directly to customers, to establish a genuine connection between herbs, nature and final users... and with an excellent money value!!

Remedia's products are all highly effective, even at low dosage. They also are all certified organic (either by QCertificazioni or So.Cert).